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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Another API change?
Date Wed, 09 Oct 1996 14:30:31 GMT
>   It will be a long time before 2.0 if we keep adding things at this stage.
>   Sigh.
> Agreed... and for that reason I'm getting *very* sorely tempted to
> start vetoing major changes (other than bug fixes, of course) until
> 1.2 is out the door, including changes to the module structure, unless
> someone is able to formulate a *very* persuasive case that the changes
> in question *must* be placed in *wide* distribution *now*.  If you
> just need it for something you're doing privately, you can always
> maintain it as a difference between your own code base and stock 1.2;
> I personally do that sort of thing all the time, and it's no big deal.
> There is, I'm afraid, an overriding principle here; if we don't stop
> fiddling, and stablize what we've got, we'll *never* get something out
> the door, and 1.2 is already way overdue.
> rst

Persuasive argument:

1.2 is going to have a very long shelf life. I am still unconvinced 
that threading is going to gain me anything significant and in 
reality will gain me greater headaches as I try to integrate DBMS
more closely.  Since getting away from Slowlaris and going to FreeBSD
servers, I rarely see a load over 0.05. I'm not really that hungry for

That said, I think it is high time to start on a friendly config interface.
Having the changes in 1.2 that Ben suggests would make it MUCH easier.
It's these issues exactly that stopped me at the point I am at with it.
It's changes like these that seem to continue to get pushed down the
road which is interfering with our original goal of the project.

Convinced? :)

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