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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Patch to mod_auth_msql.c
Date Tue, 08 Oct 1996 21:44:28 GMT
> > Dirk,
> > 
> > I made an upgrade to the mod_auth_msql.c file that you wrote to allow
> > support for connecting to non-standard Unix/TCP mSQL ports.  This will
> > allow servers that run multiple mSQL daemons to utilize the mod_auth_msql
> > module for connecting to databases on other ports.
> I like it in theory, but I don't have enough functioning experience with it to
> comment on the quality of the code.
> Hmm, since the collective experience in this group with databases and such is
> somewhat low, would it make sense to split off a separate discussion forum,
> one perhaps a bit more public, to deal with Apache-database integration?  A
> place for discussion about modules which implement connections to databases and
> resulting interfaces for interpreted-language modules (everything from
> mod_perl, mod_python, mod_tcl, mod_cgi maybe, mod_include maybe)?  Or does
> something like this exist?  This is not to say I don't think database
> connectivity issues don't belong in the core of Apache; not at all.  I just
> would like to see more discussion on database integration issues amongst those
> with experience and time on their hands to code.  Thoughts?
> 	Brian

I think this would be a good idea. Adam Sussman and I have started
exchanging some mail on this topic as well. I also like Dirk's suggestion
of splitting out the auth issues. This beasty is getting to be a
bit big. If you need mailing list resources, I can help.

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