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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Possible bugs in current version
Date Wed, 02 Oct 1996 12:48:22 GMT
>   *-linux*
>   *-unixware*

I think to be safe we should set Linux to "no".  There are so many
different distributions out there.  On my Linux box, "yes" works,
but I am not very confident that this can be said for all Linux setups.

But Unixware!  A definite "no" there.  I had all sorts of problems with the
regfree() call in the system regex library on a Unixware 2.0.3 box.  
Another annoying thing is that in the Unixware /usr/include/regex.h file
they define REG_STARTEND which to me would signify that the regex library
supports the Start/End feature also supported by Henry Spencer's version.
But nooo, that isn't the case at all.  They just define REG_STARTEND for the
fun of it it seems.  

Anyway, I should be able to provide a more complete list of broken platforms
soon.  My PHP/FI package went out with what was in effect a default setting
of "yes" for all platforms for which configure found a regcomp() function.
I am getting problem reports flowing in, and I will make a list of the
systems on which I am able to verify that the problems are regex-based.


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