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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Question about Apache on Solaris (fwd)
Date Wed, 02 Oct 1996 01:11:29 GMT
	I've been corresponding with someone at Sun trying to get the
Solaris fd/stdio bug fixed and he offered the following ugly
workaround. I was wondering what people thought of it:

Forwarded message:
> OK, I got it now. An evil thought: how about, in your library, grabbing a
> few low numbered fd's every time you want to open a new fd? Something like:
> 	open a few fd's (guaranteed to be low numbered, Solaris reuses fd
> 	number)
> 	then open your fd (will be high numbered)
> 	close the fd's you grabbed.
> Thus, it'll be guaranteed that there will be a block of fd's below 256 for
> getpwnam and friends to work with.. Just a thought. Evil.. :)

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