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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Time's a wastin'
Date Mon, 23 Sep 1996 05:37:42 GMT
On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> It's looking more and more like it's time for a public beta release:
> no real additions on the table (except for the AddModule one, which
> I, believe it or not, vote '+1'), and lots of good improvements.

Unqualified +1 - I like the idea, but I haven't tested it, I do trust Tom to
produce good code however.  :)

> To speed this along, could someone on hyperreal add the docs to the
> CVS tree? This will make it easier for everyone to maintain them.

I think either Ben or Paul need to do this, as CVS admins.  If I can do it,
someone let me know how.  If someone can marshall the doc rewriting process
they will certainly be recognized as godlike in these parts... I've collected
together about 30 messages from the last few months related to the docs which
need to be addressed but they're not fundamental issues.  That marshaller
should also reconsider our current situation, where we have a lot of
duplication between content in /docs/1.1 and /docs.

What else needs to be done:

1) bug database up for real, if possible.  We need to hash out some more on the
interface and assign individuals to specific categories of problems, if
appropriate.  I need some gnats gurus to check my work, etc.  See previous

2) There are about 25 unresolved issues I've seen over the last three months,
since 1.1.  I'll be forwarding them along, with comment.  They are mostly small
bugfixes, usually witch patches attached, which somehow we've skipped over, I
think.  They were all posted to new-httpd but just got lost in the noise.

> I think we should shoot for a release in a bit over a week: Sept 30th !

I think that's optimistic given the above, but October 7th is doable in my



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