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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Time's a wastin'
Date Mon, 23 Sep 1996 08:05:05 GMT
On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> 2) There are about 25 unresolved issues I've seen over the last three months,
> since 1.1.  I'll be forwarding them along, with comment.  They are mostly small
> bugfixes, usually witch patches attached, which somehow we've skipped over, I
> think.  They were all posted to new-httpd but just got lost in the noise.

Coincidently, we listed many of the 1.1.1. bugs in this week's Apache
Week. I've extracted the unfixed ones below, and noted which ones have
patches (usually supplied by the bug reporter, and probably untested).
There are 22 bugs here, and most are easy to fix.

Below the bugs I've listed some of the feature-enhancements that are
already coded.


1      A race condition can cause occasional hung processes on very high
       load systems. PATCH AVAILABLE.

2      Docs claim %s in ErrorDocument string prints reason for error - no
       code to implement this. DOCUMENTATION NEEDS UPDATING (GENERALLY)

3      When a sub-program is about to be run, Apache checks for correct
       permissions, but it does not account for other groups that the
       current user might be in. PATCH AVAILABLE.

4      Hostnames starting with a number (e.g. are
       incorrectly treated as IP addresses.

5      Domain names on allow and deny lines are not compared

6      Report of request "NULL" being logged in access log
       Missing Hits

7      Reports of access_log missing some hits (possibly related to

8      ErrorLog | does not work. PATCH AVAILABLE

9      Imagemap Module: Long URLs (>100 chars) can cause buffer overflows

10     Status Module: Can gives wrong start-up time on some systems/
       Core dumps on a few systems (OSF, SCO)

11     Negotiation Module: Charset negotiation is not implemented.

12     Directory Index Module: Core dump on Solaris 2 with empty directories

13     Userdir: cannot handle certain configurations, such as*

14     Includes Module: Current working directory can change while
       processing includes

15     Apollo Domain: Some compilation errors on Apollo Domain

16     Digital Unix/OSF: V4.0 requires -lm because the frexp()
       function has been removed from Incompatible pointer
       type warning.

17     NeXTSTEP: support/logresolve.c does not compile because of

18     OS/2 filesystem is case-independent, can cause URLs to
       fail to match protection limitations

19     SCO: Dumps core in status module with a Floating exception
       when compiled with -DSTATUS on SCO ODT 3.0

20     Ultrix: Compile error in http_main.c

21     Host: header can override IP virtual hosts to give access to
       other vhosts's information.

22     IP-based Virtual hosts on main IP address but different ports
       not working.


* Pass error message text to ErrorDocument scripts
* Chroot'ing
* Select modules at run time (AddModule)
* Block access by user agent
* Update printenv to display real and effective UID/GID
* Pics module
* NCSA Satisfy functionality
* Negotiation module updates
* Prevent content-type being sent twice if set in hdrs and content_type
* Update http_monitor.c to work with current scoreboard format

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