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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: Cookies -> Tracking
Date Mon, 23 Sep 1996 07:33:14 GMT
> > mod_cookies.c -> mod_usertrack.c
> > If there are no comments I'll make the naming changes early next week.
> Looks like this never happened.

Jim gave it a "-1" saying that since it used cookies it should be called
cookies.  I still think that the module is for user tracking and the fact
that it currently uses cookies to do this doesn't matter.  If it is still
veto'd by 1.2 I'll just have to update mod_cookie documentation to
explicitly tell the user that they don't need the module just to be able
to use Cookies at all.

> Hey, was there any talk about putting the tracking ID somewhere where
> mod_log_config has access to it separately, instead of trying to log %{Cookie}i
> and %{Set-Cookie}o, which could contain other cookies for other applications?

Alexei wrote a patch that put the Cookie in the "notes" section.  Add
added a new directive to the logger to get things out of notes.  I wrote a
follow-on patch that used this functionality to remove ALL logging code
from mod_cookies.c.

Were there any comments on these patches?  I'll +1 Alexei's original.


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