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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: bug report (fwd)
Date Tue, 10 Sep 1996 14:57:27 GMT
From: Jean-Luc Rochat <>
> on a Sparc Netra i600, I have 3 IP addrs on a single Eth. card.
> I used to have 3 <VirtualHost> in my httpd.conf.
> After Installing V1.1.1, upgrading from 1.0.5, I found
> it didn't work as I wanted.
> Some of the VirtualHosts are not recognized, so httpd tries to
> acces DOCUMENT_LOCATION, which doesn't exists, and core dumps.
> I found that the order of   <VirtualHost> in httpd.conf was
> causing the trouble . ???
> It now works as I changed the order of  <VirtualHost> declarations
> in this file.

Yes, it looks like a problem here. I've tried your config files (changed
to use my server's virtual IP addresses) and cannot reproduce this on
IRIX, so I would guess this is due to an OS-specific effect or Apache bug
which only shows itself on Solaris. I've see a similar report of a Vhost
being ignored on Solaris 2.4 despite an apparently correct configuration.

What operating system and version are you using? Presumably Solaris 2.4 or

> Could you send me back an email as soon as you have seen it ?
> I'll stop these services in my firewall.

I've downloaded your working and not-working httpd.conf files, so
you can close your firewall (you'll see accesses from *, as
well as possibly from other Apache people's sites).

To the list: I can supply the configs file anyone else wants to examine

UK Web Ltd

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