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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject mod_perl-0.81
Date Sun, 08 Sep 1996 22:03:20 GMT
I have uploaded the latest version of the Apache/Perl modules to PAUSE.
While the package is making it's way around CPAN, it is also available at:

With the new features of this version and Perl's new i/o abstraction, it is
possible to write scripts running under mod_perl_fast which will look just
like "normal" CGI scripts.

We are now Apache 1.2 compliant.

>From the Changes file (since 0.76b1):
added Apache::CGI->exit method as suggested by Andreas

items needed for 1.2 are now conditional using MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER

included Makefile.tmpl.1.2  

fix so we can send $strings of binary data to the client

fix so we can log bytes sent

added Andreas' CGI::XA kit for users of + mod_perl_fast

added PerlSetupEnv directive

added PerlSendHeader directive 

we now take advantage of Perl's new IO abstraction so STDIN and 
STDOUT are hooked up to the client.
Thanks to Sven Verdoolaege <> for the
initial patch

added $r->connection->close method

added $r->exit method

applied patch from Rob Hartill <> so read_client_block
works with apache-1.2 changes

updated UsersGuide to suggest using configuration that does not
require patching mod_alias.c, thanks to Rob Hartill <> 

added $r->method_number method

$r->method() now accepts an argument to change the request method 
(for things like internal re-directs)

added send_cgi_header method

added internal_redirect_handler method

applied NeXT fix from Andreas

applied patch from Andreas to fix eval error line number 
in Apache::Registry

changed Changes file so it can be read with 'perldoc Changes'

updated Apache::CGI, now requires 2.22+

#undef pregcomp to fix namespace clash with Apache 1.2

added (placeholder for) PerlSetVar directive (need to think about it some more)

applied patch from Andreas Koenig <>
to fix bug introduced with perl5.003_01 + IRIX combo



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