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Subject Re: apache (fwd)
Date Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:25:47 GMT
On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Dirk.vanGulik wrote:
>      - Per child init
>      - Per child die

I would love to have these two.  However, within the framework of the
API, would it be possible to also define some sort of data structure
which would let me, for example, open up socket connection to an RDBMS
and then have the file descriptor available to modules?

One of the big problems I have right now with building Apache modules
which connect to an RDBMS is that the startup time needed to establish
a connection to the backend RDBMS is much too long.  It is the same
startup procedure each time with 'nobody' logging into the RDBMS.

If we could have a pool of such persistant identifiers along with some sort
of registry check functions which would keep track of these identifiers, then
my life would be much simpler.


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