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Subject Re: Source for good, cheap workstations
Date Wed, 25 Sep 1996 00:09:38 GMT
>      I suggest against alpha linux right now. it has
> problems. Hopefully those will be fixed, but still. I've also heard
> that those low end alphas are slower than similarly priced pentium
> servers, from a friend who does quite a bit of research into processor
> power.

I have seen the Multia boxes for as low as $550.  I don't know where you
can find a Pentium box for that price with a SCSI controller, 340 Meg
SCSI drive, 24 megs ram, 2 pcmcia slots, 2 Meg TGA graphics card, an
ethernet card, mouse and keyboard.

Linux/Alpha isn't bad.  Takes a bit of fiddling to get the right bits and
pieces together to get a stable system, but once you do, it is a pretty
impressive little machine.


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