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Subject read_client_block changes in 1.2?
Date Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:43:53 GMT
I am hoping somebody here might be able to save me a bit of time.  I
am in the process of getting mod_php to work with the Apache 1.2 code
and have run into an odd problem.  I am losing all POST data.  I
have the following calls in my getpost() function:
    buf = table_get(php_rqst->subprocess_env,"CONTENT_LENGTH");
    length = atoi(buf);
    bytes = read_client_block(php_rqst, buf, length);

In the Apache 1.1 code, this worked ok, but in the 1.2 code the
returned number of bytes is always 0.  The length variable seems
to be set correctly going into the read_client_block call.

Does this have something to do with the chunking code?  Am I overlooking
something obvious?


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