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Subject Re: AddModule patch
Date Fri, 13 Sep 1996 03:27:42 GMT
> * Configure now generates module_names array in the same order
>   as prelinked_modules (really the module name should be stored in
>   the module structure, since otherwise mod_dld and mod_info won't
>   play well together); a new function is used to look up the module
>   name given the module structure

>            print "char *module_names[] = {"; \
> !          for (i = n-1; i > -1; --i) { \

>            print "char *module_names[] = {"; \
> !          for (i = 0; i < n; ++i) { \

Whoa there.  The "extern module top_module" will then actually be the
last string in the module_names array.  And since the module struct
is a singly-linked list, it makes it rather difficult to traverse.
I realize you have added a function to look up the name, but in the
case of mod_info, it seems rather silly to always be doing a worst-case
sequential search.  

I agree that the module name really belongs in the module structure.  If
we are looking at this for version 2.0, perhaps changing the module 
structure to add this is not out of the question?  It certainly would
simplify the code.


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