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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Time's a wastin'
Date Mon, 23 Sep 1996 09:12:13 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> > It's looking more and more like it's time for a public beta release:
> > no real additions on the table (except for the AddModule one, which
> > I, believe it or not, vote '+1'), and lots of good improvements.
> Unqualified +1 - I like the idea, but I haven't tested it, I do trust Tom to
> produce good code however.  :)
> > To speed this along, could someone on hyperreal add the docs to the
> > CVS tree? This will make it easier for everyone to maintain them.
> I think either Ben or Paul need to do this, as CVS admins.  If I can do it,
> someone let me know how.  If someone can marshall the doc rewriting process
> they will certainly be recognized as godlike in these parts... I've collected
> together about 30 messages from the last few months related to the docs which
> need to be addressed but they're not fundamental issues.  That marshaller
> should also reconsider our current situation, where we have a lot of
> duplication between content in /docs/1.1 and /docs.

If someone tells me where they live on hyperreal, I'll deal with them. I
presume we only want 1.1 docs in there?

I'm also prepared to marshall the rewriting process. I shouldn't think I'll
need to do much, though - that's what CVS is for!

> What else needs to be done:
> 1) bug database up for real, if possible.  We need to hash out some more on the
> interface and assign individuals to specific categories of problems, if
> appropriate.  I need some gnats gurus to check my work, etc.  See previous
> message.
> 2) There are about 25 unresolved issues I've seen over the last three months,
> since 1.1.  I'll be forwarding them along, with comment.  They are mostly small
> bugfixes, usually witch patches attached, which somehow we've skipped over, I
> think.  They were all posted to new-httpd but just got lost in the noise.

Dat's why we need the bugs database!



> > I think we should shoot for a release in a bit over a week: Sept 30th !
> I think that's optimistic given the above, but October 7th is doable in my
> mind.
> 	Brian
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