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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Proxy abstraction
Date Mon, 09 Sep 1996 10:36:57 GMT

About mod_proxy.c. What plans do you have for fetcher abstraction ? I have put in
support for some 'local' methods (urn, z3950 and 'urc'). But would like to do this
in a 'cleaner' way. Currently I've made a mod_proxy.h and added a handler to for
the fetch and for the canon. 

Would it be an idea to use the same vector structure as apache uses for the modules,
and just loop through that ? With entries for

 *  init		initialize service
 *  rq			initialize proxy RQ
 *  canon:          	convert the URL stored in the filename to the
 *                  	canonical form.
 *  translate_name	set filename to proxy:<URL>
 *  handler        	handle actual requests to http, ftp, urn, z3950, ..
 *  cache		caching support, if needed.
 *  close 		down proxy RQ, clean up ?
 *  log			log proxy rq
 *  exit		when the service dies.

It seems this is an easy thing to do; and we could just move the fetchers into
individual files into a 'handler' directory. And make the usefull canon support functions
into a mod_proxy.h

This could also abstract the proxying and caching a little bit.

Tha for the excelent work ! was really easy to get into !


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