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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: More fun with micro$oft...
Date Sun, 08 Sep 1996 18:28:42 GMT
Robert S. Thau wrote:
>   I'm surprised that they think this is news. This is a Well Known Fact, AFAIK.
> It's been long known and acknowledged to be true of NT 3.51.  Howveer,
> Microsoft has been claiming to anyone who'll listen that as of NT 4.0,
> there really are Profound Differences in capabilities of the two systems,
> which justify the 10-connection choke.  In light of the O'Reilly folks'
> demonstration that you can turn NT Workstation 4.0 into NT Server 4.0
> by changing a couple of registry settings and adding on the supposedly
> "free" bundled products, these claims are... suspect.

Ah, I see. I guess I'm not someone who'll listen, then! Apologies.

It isn't a story that rings very true, anyway. After all, what optimisation is
appropriate for a server that isn't appropriate for a workstation? The only one
that springs to mind is the responsiveness of the desktop, but that is null and
void for two reasons, firstly, you need responsiveness on a server for
diagnostics, and secondly, normally, noone is using the desktop on a server, so
it doesn't matter how responsive you make it...



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