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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: cvs question
Date Wed, 18 Sep 1996 13:39:07 GMT
sameer <> writes:

> I have a CVS repository in 
> /foo/cvs
> 	I mistakenly put things in /foo/cvs rather than
> /foo/cvs/module Now that I want to make it so that I have
> /foo/cvs/module_1 and /foo/cvs/module_2, where module_1 is what I
> originally put in and module_2 is something new.

If you've not done any tagging or anything you should get away with
just moving the directory in the repository and then fixing the
modules file to match (Don't ever, ever do this and I *NEVER* ever
suggested this to you :-))

If you just want to maintain different versions then tagging and
branching would be a more efficient way to do it anyway.

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