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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject core dumps with latest snapshot
Date Sat, 28 Sep 1996 15:16:56 GMT

System = FreeBSD 2.1

I just grabbed the most recent cvs snapshot and rebuilt my httpd.
(btw, I'm running mod_perl_fast and I use the Makefile.tmpl that
comes with it).

Simple CGI (not mod_perl_fast) is core dumping..

(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x80fbee5 in end ()
#1  0x80fb87c in end ()
#2  0x2eaa in seg_fault () at http_main.c:1091
#3  0xefbfe13c in end ()
#4  0x6e90 in run_method (r=0x9c8e0, offset=44, run_all=0) at http_config.c:264
#5  0x6ecb in translate_name (r=0x9c8e0) at http_config.c:276
#6  0x8e5c in process_request_internal (r=0x9c8e0) at http_request.c:814
#7  0x8f5d in process_request (r=0x9c8e0) at http_request.c:879
#8  0x39e2 in child_main (child_num_arg=4) at http_main.c:1529
#9  0x3b22 in make_child (server_conf=0x93838, child_num=4) at http_main.c:1587
#10 0x4272 in standalone_main (argc=3, argv=0xefbfd7c8) at http_main.c:1807
#11 0x4782 in main (argc=3, argv=0xefbfd7c8) at http_main.c:1959

  if (mod_handler) {
      int result;
      Explain1("Run %s",ShowMethod(modp,offset));
>>>>      result = (*mod_handler)(r);
      Explain2("%s returned %d",ShowMethod(modp,offset),result);
      if (result != DECLINED && (!run_all || result != OK))
 	 return result;


I was installing this latest version to test <Limit *> or <Limit> or <Limit
none of which worked with a Sept 7th cvs snapshot.

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