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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: making mod_fastcgi part of the distribution
Date Fri, 27 Sep 1996 21:43:46 GMT
> > Since it seems like this is going to pass, can we also put mod_php and
> > mod_perl in the distribution?
> mod_php.c is not too useful without the rest of the PHP/FI.  mod_php.c
> is just a stub which calls a function in libphp.a and goes from there.
> We could certainly put the mod_php.c stub file in the distribution if you
> like with a comment about where to get the PHP/FI package.  
> I really don't advise that you put the entire PHP/FI distribution in with
> Apache.  The PHP/FI distribution is quite a bit bigger than the entire
> Apache distribution.
> -Rasmus

I understand and agree. My point is, "where do we stop on module
inclusion".  I find both mod_php and mod_perl to be very useful.
I don't however think that we want to start distributing Apache
with these packages included. Perhaps I am the only one that thinks
this way?

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