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Subject Re: Source for good, cheap workstations
Date Tue, 24 Sep 1996 23:56:30 GMT
> > Anybody have a source for cheap workstations, Sparc or HP-UX or
> > even BSDI? Having in-depth access to only only platform kinda limits
> > things I can test out for Apache :/
> If you hurry, you can pick up one of DEC's discontinued Multia Alpha
> machines.  It's a mean Linux box.
> Check  They may still have some.  They are only about
> $800 headless.

	I suggest against alpha linux right now. it has
problems. Hopefully those will be fixed, but still. I've also heard
that those low end alphas are slower than similarly priced pentium
servers, from a friend who does quite a bit of research into processor

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