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From Mark Brown <>
Subject Re: bad effect of opening the error log late
Date Mon, 23 Sep 1996 18:24:59 GMT

Randy Terbush wrote:

    Last I knew, the error_log fd was being initialized to stderr, so
    it should not fail.  Do I misunderstand the problem?

mod_fastcgi consists of a portion that runs in the context of each
httpd child process (much like mod_cgi) and a portion -- the process
manager -- that runs as a separate process forked from the httpd parent
process.  This structure allows the process manager to create processes
and handle the SIGCHLD signals when they terminate.

The process manager needs to write occasional messages to the
httpd error log.  These are not startup messages, and the process
manager doesn't want them going to stderr.  The messages must go to
the error log.

If the error log isn't open when the mod_fastcgi module init proc
is called, then the mod_fastcgi process manager must open the log
itself, causing the fopen(path, "a") bug to strike on certain platforms.


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