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From sameer <>
Subject Re: getting that stupid solaris bug fixed
Date Thu, 19 Sep 1996 19:02:51 GMT
> You might want to mention the commercial, supported versions of
> the BSD distributions (BSDI) and Linux (Caldera, etc.), as well.

	good idea.

> FWIW, I did refer to Sun's two OS distributions in that note as
> SunOS and Solaris.  This is common practice among everyone that
> I ever talk to.  However, the Sun marketing department has this
> weird language all its own in which Solaris is SunOS too (SunOS
> 5.x, to be specific), and so your Sun marketing guy may find my
> reference to sunos in the last paragraph (and to sunos breakage
> which is even *worse* than the solaris brain-damage) to be con-
> fusing...

	It actually isn't "my" sun marketing guy. The guy I know is an
OpenStep engineer, and he knows sun marketing folks. I'm sure he'll be
able to filter the information into somethign the marketing guy will

> rst

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