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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Catapult in
Date Thu, 12 Sep 1996 21:54:57 GMT
Robert S. Thau wrote:

>From the "rumor mill" column:
>            Microsoft is muscling in on a number of
>            Web sites with a beta version of its Proxy
>            Server, code-named Catapult. The latest
>            beta of the server, which caches Web
>            pages locally so ISPs and intranets can
>            make Web surfing zippier for their users,
>            can go into an infinite loop, bombarding
>            Web sites with requests for pages. One
>            Web site was hit with 40,000 requests for
>            Web pages within the span of 12 hours.
>            Eventually, the site declared Catapult
>            server non grata and banned all Microsoft
>            Proxy Servers from entry. 

I've been watching the Catapult request keep on coming. They last
for weeks.. nothing shakes them off. They're happy to get a 403 to
every response every second for weeks at a time. There's nobody
at home at any of the sites using this software :-(  I've got
about 5 of the buggers now.. with a new one from Mexico today.

I haven't added them up, but I must have had over a million requests
already. Some were for banner ads, which really goes down well (not) with


I'm surprised nobody else has been hit by these. Well, surprised that
nobody has noticed and spilled the beans. I bet there are quite a few
people out there looking at healthier than usual hit statistics and
getting excited.

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