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From Mark Brown <>
Subject bad effect of opening the error log late
Date Thu, 12 Sep 1996 19:03:10 GMT

On some unixes, fopen(path, "a") seeks to the end-of-file
rather than opening the file in O_APPEND mode.  SunOS
seems to have this affliction.

This doesn't work if another process opens the same file
for append, as opposed to sharing the file descriptor.

Because mod_fastcgi starts its process manager process from a
module init proc, and the error log isn't open at the time
that module init procs are called, mod_fastcgi is being bitten by
this problem.

Either the error log should be opened before the module
init procs are called, or pfopen should work around the problem by
doing the correct open (with O_APPEND) and then calling fdopen.


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