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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject AddModule directive
Date Wed, 11 Sep 1996 19:41:56 GMT
We do precompiled releases of Apache.  One problem we've run into is
trying to decide which modules to compile in.  Eventually we decided
it would be easiest if we could just compile in *all* the modules, and
let the user select which ones should be active in a configuration
file somewhere.

To that end, I've written "AddModule" and "ClearModuleList" directives
for Apache.  The diffs (against 1.1.1, and not including the new
modules.c generation code) are in

Basically the patches do this:

* new function add_named_module (http_config.c)
* new function clear_module_list (http_config.c)
* new directives AddModule, ClearModuleList (http_core.c)
* new option "-l" to list all compiled-in modules (http_main.c)

The only other addition required was to add two new arrays to

* preloaded_modules, which is like prelinked_modules but lists *all*
  loaded modules
* preloaded_module_names, which lists the names of all loaded modules

The reason I used two new directives and not just one is that it lets
users compile-in a default set of modules, so they don't have to
change their config files at all.

I'd be happy to update these patches for 1.2 if it were deemed
worthwhile.  The impact on the Apache core is pretty minimal, but for
us it makes a big difference... any comments?

--                 Member, League for Programming Freedom

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