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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Perpendicular argument
Date Mon, 09 Sep 1996 23:46:33 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> Can I suggest to the group that the time debating the legal, moral and other
> issues involved in the autoconf debate (which arise from a license which we
> have explicitly decided not to use, I trust for good reason) would be better
> spent in constructing an alternative which avoids the debate?
> I would also like to mention that it doesn't seem constructive to me to argue
> that approach A would take less effort than approach B if people are prepared
> to put the extra effort into approach B in order to avoid the legal, moral and
> other issues involved in approach A, given that approach B gets you to the
> same place as approach A.

os.guess, which was just sent to the list, avoids the problem entirely.
If desired, we could use that. For the OSs that we know about, it
emulates the output of config.guess|sub enough to be usable. It also
allows for us to do tricks to determine how to fold in Amdahl UTS,
UXP/DS and OS/2, which are unknown to it and the autoconf stuff.

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