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From Lucid <>
Subject Re: Configur{e,ation} changes
Date Mon, 09 Sep 1996 23:23:08 GMT
> In any case, to reiterate, this is less a legal issue than a moral one
> (two separate sorts of things which Americans confuse too much) ---
> out of consideration for the people who developed autoconf, we just
> should not be using their code in a manner which we have reason to
> believe they would find objectionable.  Of course, they very well
> might not object, but in case of doubt, it's better to ask than to
> release something questionable *without* asking and find ourselves
> pilloried for doing it.
> rst

I totally agree here, while the GPL license virus sucks, it is
the right of the programmer to pick the details of their license
and as a user of free software it is your obligation to follow the
spirit of it.

I think we should just ask them if they mind.

People ask us about selling "value-added" versions of apache
we, surprisingly to some, usually seem to say yes.

If they do mind, we should just write our own... If it really matters that much.

I am working on a java based configTool/Server for apache
after I finish it, maybe support for a graphical makeTool could be added,
"Please *click* on the modules you would like support for..."  ;-)

or maybe working graveyard shift is damaging me more then I thought...


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