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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Configur{e,ation} changes
Date Mon, 09 Sep 1996 16:57:17 GMT
Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Jagielski <> writes:
> Jim> As far as true autoconfs are concerned, has _anyone_ seen a truly
> Jim> automatic, reliable autoconf? Perl's works, but it asks
> Jim> questions. Sendmail/named requires that you specify the
> Jim> OS. Others require you to create or edit configuration
> Jim> files. Even the GNU stuff needs tweaking unless you are happy
> Jim> with their defaults, and if you aren't they make changing them
> Jim> painful.
> Let's be clear: "Autoconf" is a specific package, put out by the FSF
> (  Referring to
> all automatic configuration systems as "autoconfs" is potentially
> confusing.

OK, I'll use autoconfigs then... Geez.

My beef with most autoconfigs, of which autoconf is worst (IMO)
is that it assumes too many things about were you want to
put things and where they are so you either need to use all
sorts of switches and flags and options to tell it otherwise
or else let it do it's job and then hand edit all the Makefiles
and possible created *.h files to make your adjustments.

I'll be quiet about it for now :)

Here's my proposal:

	1. See if we can use config.guess all by itself. If so,
	   then life is easier. If not, we'll use my Configuration.guess
	   which is smaller but basically the same
    	2. Depending on #1, I'll adjust Configure as required
	   to parse the output
	3. No matter what, I'll fix Configure/Makefile to allow
	   for people to not be required to copy
	   Configuration.tmpl to Configuration if that's the
	   group's desire. Basically, this involves having
	   Configure look for Configuration first and, if it
	   doesn't find it, use Configuration.tmpl

This should be plenty of configuration enhancements

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