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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: your mail
Date Thu, 05 Sep 1996 17:18:52 GMT

I'll forward your mail to the developers list to see if anyone recognises
the symptoms.

>My hardware & software Configuration
>Machine: Sun Ultra Sparc
>OS:  Solaris 2.5
>Server: Apache 1.1.1
>Client/browser: Netscape 3.0b5
>The Bug
>1) HTML pages with many inline images/icons are not completly
>transferred from server to client => "broken icons" on display
>2) Java applets which request alot of image data (ie, Head CT
>study consisting of 28 GIF files) are not completly transferred.
>1) both of the above problems do not occur on our other server 
>   which is a Sparc 20, running SunOS, the server is an old NCSA
>   httpd (exact version not known).
>2) the two above problems do not occur all the time. The occurance
>   appears to be related to the degree of network traffic and/or
>   how busy the server is.  Is this some sort of "time out" problem
>   between client and server.  If so, are there tuneable parameters
>   to alleviate the described problems.

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