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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "missing bzero() in set_listener()" on FreeBSD
Date Wed, 04 Sep 1996 20:53:37 GMT

I'll pass the question on to the developers list. It means nothing to me,
but if it happens after you "fix" something, then it sounds like the "fix"
is to blame.


Markus Stumpf wrote:
>Hoi Rob,
>just having you here :-)))
>I have another big problem I can't find the source for:
>Situation: FreeBSD-2.1.5-RELEASE
>	   Apache 1.1b4
>I am trying to start apache with 5 initial server for 255 Virtual
>interfaces. After fixing the above bug everything looked fine,
>but now I get tons of "select" errors.
>This happens in http_main.c: child_main() at the select() call.
>The select returns -1 with errno=EINVAL
>from the manpage:
>     [EINVAL]      The specified time limit is invalid.  One of its components
>		is negative or too large.
>But the timeout ist a NULL pointer.
>This happens only for the children with listenmaxfd+1 = 263 (263 decimal).
>My system is configured with MAX_OPEN=1024 (FDs per process) so I don't
>think it is a ressource problem here. However it works only using 240
>virtual interfaces. So it is probably an FreeBSD kernel bug :-(((
>Do you have any ideas?
>A simple "yes" or "no" would be perfectly enough, as I assume you get
>a lot of such questions.
>Thanks in advance
>	\Maex
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>innovative Netzwerktechnik mbH                
>Muenchner Technologie Zentrum                      
>Frankfurter Ring 193a                             Telefon: +49 89 3246830
>D-80807 Muenchen                                      Fax: +49 89 32468351

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