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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Redirect & choice of status code
Date Wed, 04 Sep 1996 19:32:26 GMT

Thanks for the mail. All of it gets read, but not all of it answered.
I'll be passing your request on to the developers list for consideration.


WWW server manager wrote:
>This is something that struck me as a significant omission in Apache, but I 
>don't think I ever got around to mentioning it before. I was reminded of it 
>this morning when I had cause to look something up on NCSA's server and found 
>that NCSA httpd does have the facility...
>Unless it's there already in V1.1.1 or earlier, and I've somehow managed to 
>overlook it, Apache can only generate temporary redirects (status 302), with no 
>easy/efficient way to generate a permanent redirect (status 301). In some cases 
>it's feasible to generate a 301 response via a file with a suffix defined to 
>send the contents as-is, but that's clumsy and not generally applicable.
>Are the any plans to provide a way to generate both types of redirect, rather 
>than just one of them as at present, preferably (for flexibility) in either the 
>server config files or in .htaccess? [And if not, could you please add this to 
>the wish-list?]
>[ indicates 
>that NCSA now supports RedirectPermanent and RedirectTemp directives to 
>distinguish the cases.]
>                                John Line
>PS I've sent a number of comments to apache-bugs recently, but in contrast to 
>past mail, not received any comment in response. Fair enough (especially at a 
>time of year when people may be away on holiday etc.), as long as the mail has 
>reached you, but just to confirm the mail is getting through (at least on this 
>occasion), could you please confirm receipt?
>University of Cambridge WWW/gopher server manager account (usually John Line)
>Send general queries to the WWW or gopher administrator addresses - 
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