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From sameer <>
Subject Re: security-info-digest V2 #402 (fwd) (long)
Date Wed, 04 Sep 1996 02:46:21 GMT
> > >3. By default, files uploaded via FrontPage are apparently
> > >world-writable.  I can probably fix that with a wrapper or something
> > >around Apache's startup to change the umask, but it's annoying.
> > >
> > >mm> We view this as a feature.  We write them with full permission.  This
> > gives you complete flexibility in how you configure your web server.  As
> > >Scott notes, you can fix this by changing the server's umask.  If we turned
> > >off world-write access then there would be no way for you to turn it back on.

	"We view this as a feature"

	What drugs are these guys on? I was at burning man this
weekend and don't think I saw any drugs that come even close to the
ones these microsoft guys must be taking. sheesh.

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