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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: HTTP/1.1
Date Mon, 02 Sep 1996 01:40:18 GMT
> Oh, I forgot to mention that it would also be okay if we just put a
> note to the effect of
>    If you enable mod_proxy, please change the SERVER_PROTOCOL to HTTP/1.0
>    in httpd.h.
> in the Configuration.
> BTW, with all the other changes to Configuration, why hasn't anyone
> moved the directory-setting defaults out of httpd.h and into a separate
> include file generated by Configure?  It sure is weird having to edit
> httpd.h when everything else is configured by script, and we'll need this
> for autoconfig eventually anyway.
> .....Roy

I agree. I long ago became tired of editing httpd.h every install
and reverted to controlling this at the command line. It would be
nice to offer some control in the configuration process. At the
very least, for --prefix.

It would be nice to offer control for the following;


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