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From (Scott Michel)
Subject Re: BSDi vs. NT
Date Mon, 19 Aug 1996 04:38:07 GMT
Randy Terbush says:
> What features does IIS offer that Apache doesn't?

Other than ActiveX, it's not a question I can answer in 2.0 seconds
or less. Whether ActiveX is wonderful is up to the beholder/developer.

But, let's be a little objective here. We're not comparing equal or
equivalent products here even if you just go by feature set. (See
prev. about CGI script handling.)

> I find BSDI's comparison to be of much greater value than the daily
> deception offered by MS.  Comparing NT and Solaris does not fairly 
> represent BSDI.

Personally I prefer Netscape in production. Wouldn't use IIS unless
the DLA actually directed me to (but they aren't.) But let's not
indict NT just because BSDi came up with a few misleading stats.
And if IIS is slower than something wouldn't really surprise me
in the least. It's not a secret that MS creates barely adequate
code and takes about three development iterations before they get
anything truly worth claiming is barely decent code.

Wonder why BSDi didn't mention or use Netscape... :-)

(Now, back to STREAMS development and hopefully my MS.)


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