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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Serious bug in Apache/Navigator
Date Thu, 29 Aug 1996 02:06:09 GMT
On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:

> This may explain why I have had some servers go haywire in the past
> few days, spinning and chewing up CPU.

*sigh* Sounds like fun.

> > Netscape (3.0 final) totally ignores the new expiration date and
> > happily sits there pounding on the server for more "304 Not modified"
> > responses as the gif twirls.

This is stupid. But I bet I know what the Netscape engineers were
thinking: "Hmm. We're doing this animated GIF thing. But what do we do
about Expires dates? Oh, we'll figure out later. For now, if there's one,
just do a conditional GET, to make sure nothing changed. If we've got time
later, we'll do something better, but that'll do for now. I mean, who
would  really put an Expires on a GIF anyhow, unless it was dynamically

The same logic applies to some of my code, too. Just go read mod_digest.c
sometime :) 

-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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