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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Ermm ... another thing
Date Sat, 24 Aug 1996 20:12:54 GMT
On Sat, 24 Aug 1996, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> > BTW, I spent a couple hours poking around HP's support site. I finally
> > found a tech note that says, basically "mmap doesn't work with HP-UX 9.x
> > on the 800 series. It does on the 300, 400 and 700 series. It'll work in
> > HP-UX 10" (I don't know if it actually does). And, lo and behold, my
> > machine (the one for which mmap doesn't work) is a 9000/826 (I presume Rob
> > H's machines that do work are 700 series?). 
> Has anyone with broken MMAPs tried using SHMGET, if they have it?

Yep. The same machine doesn't work with shmget either. It compiles and
runs okay, and I get a message in the error log about "creating memory
segment" or something, but it never forks any children. Hmm.

> > I do think it would be better (and not too time-intensive) to use
> > config.guess instead of asking the user to id their machines. This way we
> > could also get rid of the HSREGEX line, by determining which OS versions
> > are known to have working regex implementations. The only problem is the
> > legal aspect, which is that config.guess is GPLed, except when used with
> > autoconf. I think Ben's suggestion is a good one: rename Configure
> > Add a couple autoconf macros to it that don't do much
> > (basically just add AC_INIT to the top and AC_OUTPUT to the bottom)
> > generate a Configure, and then we are spared the legal aspect of it.
> > 
> That one version of Configure I had did have a low-level OS/platform
> checker... I can dig that out and continue in that direction if
> desired.
> Most autoconfs just look for regex routines and don't necesarily check
> to see if they work or not... I think we still need HSREGEX in some
> form, if only to allow people to override autoconf.
> Soooo how about a Configure that checks for OS/platform it's running
> on. We then adjust it so that we set correct defaults for NO_MMAP
> obvious platforms like Linux and "older" HP-UXs (or maybe enable
> SysV shared mem instead if they have it).

That's what I just said. Except use autoconf to figure out what OS it's
on, because it's very good at that. i.e.


.... (current Configure stuff)

case "$host" in
        OS='A/UX 3.1.x'
        LIBS="$LIBS -lposix -lbsd"
        LFLAGS="$LFLAGS -s"
        OS='IBM AIX'
        CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DAIX -U__STR__"

... (more Configure stuff)


etc, etc, etc... (I just used the top two entries in the current

-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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