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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: gnats
Date Tue, 06 Aug 1996 18:22:44 GMT
On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> There is an apache-gnats.cgi script installed now which I'll be hacking away at
> - I'd like to see if we can use that interface to completely supplant bugs.cgi,
> such that all bugs were funneled into there, given a PR number, and then
> resolved, all in a public way.  I'll try hacking that for awhile.

This sounds good, I assume, from a bug-handling and PR standpoint. And I
would certainly applaud such an effort. However, from a developer's
standpoint (I don't like doing customer service, btw. I've tried it on
other projects; I just can't stand it, really), I just would like to say
that I like the current system; where someone else handles the mundane
stuff, and the actual bugs and feature requests and things that are of
interest get passed on to this list.

I think it might be a great idea to have the bug-tracking people use real
bug-tracking software, but it should be transparent to me. In other words,
I don't want to have to deal with such a database, I would much perfer to
have mail sent (as it is now) that I can look at, when it's important.


-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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