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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject arrrrgh!
Date Fri, 02 Aug 1996 00:07:20 GMT

I just discovered that Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (on Win 3.1) sends
the Host header, but sends it without ports, always. This is, as we've
discussed before, the way the HTTP/1.1 spec *originally* had it, but it
was changed after Netscape screwed up.

The problems is that while neither way (sending or not sending for non-80
ports) is inherently better, you kinda have to pick one and go with it.
Having MSIE do it differently makes life miserable. Especially with Apache
1.1.1, which has some less-than-stellar logic when it comes to Host:
headers without ports on non-port 80 servers. The current development
version behaves better, but there's still the nightmare scenario:

Namely: You are running two servers, one on port 80 and one on port 5000.
A request comes in on port 5000 with "Host:". The spec
says this is the same as "Host:". The current
development source will take you at your word and give you the site
located at port 80. If you were using MSIE, which should have sent "Host:", but didn't, you might be noticibly upset.

The other solution is to, if there is no give port number, assume the port
number the connection came in on. This would work right in most cases, but
it is not according to spec.

Grrr. Anyone want to send a letter bomb to Redmond for me?

-- Alexei Kosut <>            The Apache HTTP Server

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