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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Negotiation updates part II
Date Tue, 27 Aug 1996 09:45:17 GMT
I've updated my patch for mod_negotiation based on the bugs and comments
from Alexei and Roy. I've uploaded it via ftp to
/httpd/incoming/mod_negotiation.patch2. The old 'mod_negotiation.patch'
file could be deleted.

As before, this patch attempts to make Apache compliant with HTTP/1.1
content negotiation on language, encoding and charset. It also,
optionally, adds support for transparent negotiation a la Holtman draft

This patch fixes the following problems with my previous patch:

  #define HOLTMAN can be unset to prevent use of transparent negotiation
  even if client asks for it

  If Accept: type have no q values, force type/* items to have q=0.02
  and */* to have q=0.01

  Fix content-length tie-break to work even if variants being compared
  have different types (eg image/gif and image/jpeg)

  406 and 300 variant list text stored in r->notes and output by
  send_error_response() in http_protocol.c

  If no suitable variant found, return 406 even if using HTTP/1.0

  Updated encoding handling to differentiate between an empty
  Accept-Encoding header (meaning no encoding acceptable) and
  no Accept-Encoding header (meaning any encoding acceptable).


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