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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: CustomLog patch revisited
Date Mon, 19 Aug 1996 13:37:32 GMT
On Wed, 14 Aug 1996, Alexei Kosut wrote:
> A couple of months ago, Paul Sutton (I believe it was) showed us a
> mod_log_multi.c that he had written, based on mod_log_config, that allowed
> for the use of more than one log per server, and some other nifty stuff.

Oops, user error.... Continued from last message:

... Besides that, I'd also like to mention that I've updated
mod_log_multi.c with a new directive. I think it should also be included
in the patched mod_log_config. Here is why...

At present, if you have a virtual host, setting TransferLog or CustomLog
inside the <VirtualHost> section overrides (replaces) any logs set up in
the main server. This is what you want if you want per-customer access
logs, for instance. However, if you want a referer or agent log (or other
log, say Host: headers) you might want to log _all_ requests, irrespective
of vhost they go to. This could be done with a separate CustomLog
directive in each VirtualHost, at the expense of config file complexity
and extra used file descriptors.

A better solution would be to allow a CustomLog to be defined in the main
host which logs requests handled by vhosts, as well as the main host. To
allow this I created a new directive, CustomLogAll, which logs every
request irrespective of vhost. Now, using CustomLogAll can actually
replace the agent and referer log modules (almost), which always apply to
all requests.

Should I produce a patch for this against the patched mod_log_config?

UK Web Ltd

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