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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Throttling Connections
Date Tue, 06 Aug 1996 07:56:54 GMT
I spotted an interesting Web server this week, thttpd [1] It has a very
useful "traffic throttling" feature; so you can do this:

	*               100000  # limit total web usage to 2/3 of our T1
	*.jpg|*.gif     50000   # limit images to 1/3 of our T1
	*.mpg           20000   # and movies to even less
	jef/*           20000   # jef's pages are too popular

"Throttling is implemented by checking each incoming URL filename against
all of the patterns in the throttle file. The server accumulates
statistics on how much bandwidth each pattern has accounted for recently
(via a rolling average). If a URL matches a pattern that has been
exceeding its specified limit, then the data returned is actually slowed
down, with pauses between each block. If that's not possible (e.g. for CGI
programs), then the server returns a special code saying 'try again

The UKs largest ISP, Demon Internet, has just started giving away free 5Mb
virtual hosts to *all* their dial-up customers using thttpd.  At ten
pounds a month for an account and with over 60,000 current customers, I
predict it will do quite well in Septembers Netcraft survey.



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