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Subject Re: More MS oops
Date Sat, 17 Aug 1996 03:26:15 GMT
>     Closer to home, I expect there are more than a few red-faced
>     Redmondians now that MSNBC has pulled out its NT Servers
>     in favor of Unix installations. Why the switcheroo? "Simple.
>     They didn't work," a source in the know told the Tabby.
> This is, admittedly, just a rumor.  Their front-page web server
> is still IIS.

So is the server.  I would love to be able to confirm this,
but having poked around on their site, I don't see any evidence of it.
Both and report that they are running IIS, and
I believe them since neither correctly respond to a HEAD request.
They both send the entire page.


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