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Subject Re: Win32 Progress Report
Date Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:21:22 GMT
> writes:
> > A lot of the add-on modules for Apache will break extremely badly in a
> > true pre-emptive threading model.  I am not sure how popular such a
> > server will be if people can't use all the nifty modules.
> Yes, but threading is probably inevitable.  What's really needed is:
>     1) good documentation on how to write modules for the threaded
>        environment, do's and don'ts, etc.
>     2) Simple, well documented, interfaces for utility functions.

I am definitely not arguing against a threaded version.  I just like
RST's approach which gives you most of the benefits of a multi-threaded
architecture without making it completely pre-emptive.  A fully pre-emptive
server, although technically elegant, makes it *extremely* difficult for
programmers to write components for the server.

> I'd be most concerned about the bigger modules, mod_php, mod_perl,
> mod_rewrite, and so on.  But all those people are active on this list,
> so they should be available.

I can make mod_php work nicely with RST's threads, but it would not be
easy to make a pre-emptively threaded version.  And not just because of
the mod_php code.  The various libraries that mod_php relies on like
libmsql.a and libpq.a are not thread-safe.  I would have to build some
mechanism for preventing a pre-emptive threading server from having two
threads inside these libraries at the same time.  This can be done, sure,
but it is certainly non-trivial.


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