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Subject Re: Win32 Progress Report
Date Sat, 03 Aug 1996 22:32:10 GMT
> Ok come on, we all see to be doing a nice square dance about this issue. 
> As in an earlier message where it was stated why not start using the RST
> version as a basis for a HAL based Apache.  The hacked Apache that I am
> currently running is truly pre-emptive.  This version is being stress
> tested with about approx 1800 hits per hour. (If you want to see the
> server that is being stressed it is located at  The
> reason for this low number is because there are server programs that are
> being called.  My client will be using this product for several Web Client
> Server projects with 100->1000 concurrent users.

A lot of the add-on modules for Apache will break extremely badly in a
true pre-emptive threading model.  I am not sure how popular such a server
will be if people can't use all the nifty modules.


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