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Subject Re: Strcasecmp problems
Date Fri, 02 Aug 1996 13:18:04 GMT
> 2)  With with memory routines that trace calls one call that seems to be
> coming back without freeing is util.c line 397.  It is an allocation in
> substring_conf
> char *result = palloc( p, len + 2);

The address returned by palloc() should never be free'ed directly since
it is returning an address within a pre-allocated pool of memory which
is managed by Apache.  The entire pool is however free'ed after a request.

> 3) I have a GPF very consistently that breaks my entire program, in the
> routine strcasecmp.  Could someone explain to me what it does exactly and
> how it is used.  The values of p at time of fault is NULL and q seems
> correct.  Did I stumble on something.  Note that this bug happens only
> sometimes, but very consistently.

Are you asking what strcasecmp() is supposed to do?  It is a pretty 
standard Unix function to do case insensitive string comparisons.
In the old days, this was sometimes called stricmp().


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