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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: FWW '96 report
Date Mon, 26 Aug 1996 13:24:43 GMT
> Chuck Murcko wrote:
> > 3) Beth Franks announced during the server sessions that Mosaic 3.0 and httpd
> >    1.6 would be the last supported releases from NCSA. She is recommending
> >    that NCSA users plan to switch to Apache in future. Plans for an public
> >    announcement of this are not yet firm, and Beth agreed with me that
> >    if/when this happens, we should coordinate for an Apache press release.
> > 
> >    NCSA will be returning to concentration on WWW R & D, like the Hacksaw
> >    httpd (Java-based), etc.
> I thought that was Jigsaw?

Hacksaw is our version of Jigsaw.  We're hoping it will be Jigsaw with
a bunch of replacement modules, but it's too early to tell how close
we will be able to keep the two projects.  (Sort of like NCSA HTTPd and
Apache, we suspect they will diverge down the road.)  BTW, Hacksaw has
been less than well received as a name by the powers that be, so we are
once again searching for a name.  Unless we find one we like better, I
suspect Hacksaw will stick.  I'll let you know if we go through a name 

> Anyway, does this mean that its time to start the Apache Browser project?

There was one group that tried to start work on a PD browser, the mailing
list is called Webhackers.  They've pretty much fallen apart.  If there is
interest, I'll look up the address.  I may have an archive of the traffic
to date as well.  I haven't looked at the stuff for months, so I don't
want to go to the effort of making it available unless there is interest
in it.

RE: a JAVA browser - There is at least one... HotJava by Sun. I think there
are others.

RE: Client work at NCSA  - Brian Sanderson was the Mosaic lead, and his
group is working on a new framework in the Active-X environment.  It is
more of peer to peer rather than a client-server arrangement, but will
contain alot of browser type work.  The Habanero (our collaborative client)
has worked out a deal with Sun where they will be doing some work on the
HotJava browser.  I'm not sure what was agreed, but I believe they will
be doing more than just making the browser collaborative.

With Microsoft giving away their browser, I doubt you will get a group
of people who are as motivated to develop a browser as you are to develop
a server.  The commercial companies are sinking much more effort into
the browsers than the servers.  That's where Netscape sees their profit.
I also think it will be alot more work to keep up a competative browser than
it has been to keep a competative server.


> Cheers,
> Ben.
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		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		NCSA Server Development Team

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