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From Dirk vanGulik <>
Subject Re: Where does the write back go ?
Date Wed, 14 Aug 1996 08:08:04 GMT
> Completely unrelated to your question, but since you are working on
> SNMP stuff for Apache, have you looked at this URL?
Yup, the old implementations, for some big service vendors where all
done privately by my own company; but currently the Joint Research
Center of the European Communities has several (DESIRE) projects with
concern themselfs with quality of service and other bits. One of the
more technical adept leads are done by who
is working on a 'neater' implementation of the full http-mib into
apache using a proper mib-compiler and segmenting it nicely into
an apache module. None of this should be based on any propetarial
technology, so we can give it away.


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