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From Dirk vanGulik <>
Subject Where does the write back go ?
Date Tue, 13 Aug 1996 17:52:16 GMT

Just working on that snmp stuff again, with regard to the
various updates of the scoreboard:

Often a copy is made using:

    memcpy(&new_score_rec,&scoreboard_image[child_num],sizeof new_score_rec);

and some time later a write...

#if defined(HAVE_MMAP) || defined(HAVE_SHMGET)
    memcpy(&scoreboard_image[child_num], &new_score_rec, sizeof(short_score));
    lseek (scoreboard_fd, (long)child_num * sizeof(short_score), 0);
    force_write (scoreboard_fd, (char*)&new_score_rec, sizeof(short_score));

However if you aint have MMAP or SHMGET.. then IMHO the actual scoreboard_image[I]
never gets the new_score_rec data back; and hence does not have the values (and
counters) ?

Am I correct here ? (Before sending off a flurry of patches, let me check some other
thigs toooo.)

Dw & Harrie

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