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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: module status
Date Wed, 07 Aug 1996 11:50:56 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
> Aram Mirzadeh <> writes:
> > I compleletly disagee here... if it works well, especially for system 
> > like linux, where without the regex stuff it will crock and die (using the
> > newer libc's) I think we should defently leave it in AS the default... or
> > at least for Linux, if nothing else. 
> I'm not very sympathetic to OS's that are a crock because my OS works
> fine and if it doesn't I fix it. Now, there are many OS's out there
> that are flawed and we have to provide workarounds for them to make
> Apache portable but I'm going to be real unhappy if Apache starts to
> become a monster because it's including functionality that works
> perfectly well on my OS. We should only replace OS functionlity if
> it's broken, if it works fine then use it. There are lots of reasons
> for this not least is the memory footprint of Apache and the effect
> that's going to have on OS paging. It's likely that a regex library is
> going to sit in memory a lot of the time and where it works
> Apache should share those pages with other applications.
> I'm going to have two copies of regex sitting in memory if Apache
> includes its own and when we go to rst's code it's looking as though
> Apache will have regex, threads and i/o all included in it's binary,
> making it *much* bigger than it needs to be since I already have
> working version of regex, threads and i/o under FreeBSD.

Eh? I thought FreeBSD didn't do threads? Or are we talking about some future
version here?

> Caveat: the threaded server may not work under FreeBSD as-is but it's
> the general trend that's scaring me, i.e. ohh well, if that OS has a
> problem let's build that function of the OS into Apache.

I think we are working towards a solution that uses native threading where
available, and rsthreads where not.



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