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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Threading and heritage OSs
Date Thu, 08 Aug 1996 00:15:54 GMT
Jim Jagielski <> writes:

> I very much doubt if all the systems that are currently running Apache are
> state-of-the-art implementations. The internet being what it is, there are
> MANY older, heritage systems being used and right now, and Apache seems to be
> working quite nicely on them. I would guess that a very good percentage of
> them do NOT have kernel threading or any threading capability at all.
> Maybe even the majority. The attitude "well, MY system does" seems
> unwarrented. Why not focus on one UNIX flavor and be done with it? It
> would REALLY make porting easy :)

You're way off the mark of what I'm saying here. I'm 100% in favour of
making Apache work on as many platforms as possible but we don't need
to include all this extra baggage for those OS's that don't need it.

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